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8 December - Historical Events and Special Celebrations

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Nomanda’s Happy Special Day blog is a celebration of events and anniversaries that have touched our lives. If today is your special day join us in looking at a few other events that have occurred on your day. Enjoy!

Whatever else you may think about Nomanda, I like to think that I’m pretty fair in life and after I told our dog that yesterday’s blog was devoted to him and revealed the contents he asked if he could have the opportunity to respond to “Set the record straight” as he put it. So here is the dog’s version of events!

“Hi, my name’s Boule and I’m an adorable beagle / spaniel cross and have recently moved to a new home that I just love! First of all I should tell you that this is my first time on a computer and typing, so if I make any pooping mistakes you’ll have to forgive me.

Let’s start with the scourge of the doggie world, that guy Cesar Millan, the so called “Dog Whisperer”. I’ve watched his TV programme many times and I have to tell you that his theories stink! He has great ideas that don’t necessarily work! This so called “calm assertive state” he encourages his viewers to adopt is a load of male reproductive organs as far as I’m concerned! Of course you see his doggie subjects go into what he calls their “calm submissive state” after he’s made a “PSSSST” sound that is like a bullet whistling past your ear, and if that doesn’t work he gives his subjects a sharp kick in the ribs. Of course we’re going to cower down; we don’t like being shot at or kicked any more than anyone else! However the thing I hate most about him are his perfect teeth and his stupid smile. I want to bite him just thinking about it!

So doggie lovers everywhere switch off from Cesar and let us doggies show you how to behave to get the most out of us!

Anyway the whole thing started with the most innocent of farts! Yes? I farted, I admit it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want or need to “poo” as my family so nicely puts it! My Dad farts all the time! Does he get thrown outside into the storm every time he farts, I think not! That’s not all. Every time he farts he coughs to cover it up, but I know what he’s done! That’s not to say that every time he coughs he farts, if you get my drift!

So, horror of horrors, I farted! Within minutes I was on the end of a lead and being towed around our local fields. One thing that’s different for us dogs is that once we’re out in the rain and wind, we just love it! The rain gives an added musty smell to the ground and with the wind blowing a gale you have to really be on your doggie toes to be able to pick up and follow a scent! It’s brilliant! We were out there for hours and it just got better and better. We even went to places we’ve not been before, fantastic!

And just as it was getting really interesting I discovered that we were on our way back home. I tried farting again to see if we could keep on going but I guess with their inferior noses and the gale they didn’t catch the smell, so I decided to bide my time.

Once back home I got a lovely clean up and rub down, I really like that, and we all settled in the living room. I was standing on the couch and looking out of the window and I could see that it was still brilliant stormy weather outside so I decided to fart one more time to see what would happen. You’re not going to believe this, but it worked! Within minutes we were all togged up again and off we set into the gales! Brilliant!

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the old man knows what I’m up to, but my Mum is fantastic and it works for her every time!

Long live short farts and long walks! We should rename this blog Happy Fart Day, that’s what I say!”

Happy Special Day to one and all!!

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or a special day today or sometime soon why not send them a nice e-card so they get it as soon as they log on! Even better, why not send this page to your friend!
Don’t know what to get for a present? Think about what your special person enjoys doing and the things they like.

For Girls, I know that flowers and chocolates are a bit cliché but nevertheless they always seem to work! Of course, if your budget stretches that far, jewellery, watches, perfume and fashion items are always appreciated!

For Boys, all boys like toys! It’s just as they get older the toys get more expensive. So gadgets and gimmicky things work. Again, if you have the budget then car accessories, sporting equipment and clothes, and man type jewellery like watches and gold chains will go down very well!

And, if all else fails, you could always send them a gift voucher and they can choose whatever they want!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event today I hope you got lots of cards and presents and that there is someone special in your life who will make this day a very happy and special day for you.

Happy celebrations to you from the Happy Special Day Blog!!

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CJ Anderso said...

Dear Boule,
Well I have to tell you the story about me and my pal Marley's experience of dat Cesar-dude.

I was the next one up to be euthanzied when someone thought to give me one more chance and pulled me literally off the line.

You know what I was so scared that I was screwing EVERYTHING up! Out of desparately Angel Ella called this special foster mom to help me because everyone else who tried could get scratched, bit, or growled at. Well I didnt really bit but I would jump at them and let them think that, and they did every time jump back and be afraid of me!

Well you can read the whole story here in my Dogster page:
but the long and the short of it was that Foster mom follows that Cesar Dude's way and one thing she was clear about with me an'everyone, is that if it harmed the dog, it was NOT Cesar's way.

Lemme tell you I had temper tantrums tryin to get my way! Foster mom, just just ignored me using that Cesar calm and assertive stuff (is that a new dog food?) until I was plum tuckered! shoot it didnt take me long to figure out I couldnt get my way with her. Problem was for foster mom, that I could still bluff other people!!! she finially figured out that I knew that if I turned into a good dog for other people that I would be moving on because foster mom only helps the worst problem dogs that arent helped by anyone else!

Well its not on the blog yet, but I got to doing so good that I now have a wonderful forever home!!! (check back after this next weekend!)

My pal marley was just as bad. Now he is on a ranch with a older couple who love him in a way he has never known even with Foster mom!

Boule, I know it seems like a pain, but I gotta tell you that having clear directions and leadership from my foster mom was SUCH a relief! I actually KNEW what I was supposed to do and how to behave because for the very first time, there were not mixed messages!!!!

You can see movies of me and Marley on Foster Mom's site along with many of the other over 30 dogs she has helped save who now have happy foreccer homes because of the gifts of Cesar's way!

Love Chloe
PS (I do agree about the farts though!)

Carolyn said...

My momma saved me from the "needle", too. And I'm one of those breeds that many in the world unfortunately have been given a bad outlook on. Yes, I'm a pit. I'm so thankful that my momma discovered Cesar and his Way because life is just so awesome now! Me and momma understand each other! She's in charge and so I don't have to be anymore! What a relief! Seems like whenever I was in charge before, there was chaos. Anyway, I felt so misunderstood before Cesar came into our lives. Now we're both happy and I also have a lot more friends - humans and dogs!

Lotsa love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Boule,
My name is Max. I showed up in a high kill animal shelter after someone found me running around the streets. They put me in a cage and I was terrified. I was so terrified that they couldn’t handle me and they put me on the list to be killed. I was set to die in the morning, but I got lucky when a kind rescue worker read her email and saw me on the list. She came to visit me. I was scared, but she walked me, showed me leadership by asking me to walk at her side. I immediately relaxed. See, by allowing me to lead, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. She told me not to worry, that she would lead me and take care of me. We stopped in a open area and she just stood there with me. I was still nervous, but she slowly started to pet me. When I was uncomfortable, she would notice and stop. Eventually she started to rub my neck and it felt really good. I liked this lady. She saved me from death.

I went to a foster home and my foster mommy understood that I was fearful and nervous. She gave me leadership and built my confidence. Then, my lucky day came and I got adopted! I got a sister to play with. Things were great. However, I wasn’t getting the leadership I was used to and my new mommy didn’t seem to understand me as well as my foster mom did. I was only in my new home for 36 hours when she brought someone over to train me to “give paw”. I was nervous. I didn’t know this new person and she was too excited, offering me teats and reaching for my paw. I didn’t understand what she wanted and she scared me, so I bit her hand. I don’t know why I got sent back to my foster mommy. They said I was aggressive. I didn’t trust this person, they broke the dog rules, not me. I don’t want someone to force themselves on me. I need time to trust a person.

I stayed with my foster mommy for a few more weeks and then I got adopted again! Yippee! I had another sister to play with and my new mommy loved me. I didn’t trust my new daddy though. He was afraid of me and it made me nervous. My foster mommy told my new mommy to give me leadership and I would learn to trust people. She told my new daddy that he needed to walk me and be confident around me. He didn’t listen. I knew he didn’t like me. One night, I tried to play with him and he got scared. He though I was being aggressive again. He didn’t understand my actions. I got returned again, but this time to a new foster mommy.

I like my new foster home. I don’t have to worry here. I have clear leaders who know how to read my body language. They protect me from someone scaring me. When I am afraid, they prove that I can look to them for protection. My new foster parents tell me I’m not aggressive at all, just misunderstood. It wasn’t my fault for getting kicked out of my homes. The people just didn’t understand how to work with me. A behaviorist came to meet me today and he agreed; I’m not aggressive, just misunderstood. I was with the wrong people. The behaviorist and my foster parents all agree that the next home I go to will follow Cesar Millan’s methods. My life depends on it.

Human Speaking:
Cesar does not harm dogs. He communicates with dogs in the language they use. Cesar’s methods work and they save dogs’ lives. Many people misunderstand what Cesar is about. He is more than the show and his 3 books, training DVD series and online Sessions with Cesar are a must for any dog owner.

suzanne said...

Hi I am Eddie a JRT from the UK and I love Cesar! He doesn't know this but he has saved some of my pack buddies from dying. I used to be the PackLeader of 12 other dogs but some days we would fight loads - I always tried to win but we were never chilled out and our human always stressed by our doggie play...ok so I am a Terrier when I say play sometimes this would turn out to be fight as I am a dominant lady dog! And sometimes we hurt eachother real bad, and sometimes we hurt humans too by accident as we were so hyped up fighting.

Then one great day when I was so tired of running the pack and fighting I saw Cesar on this tv thing our human watches - I watched the dogs most! I would bark at the dogs and this got my human's attention - at last! She watched and learned - Yippe I am one happy dog the human is now the Pack Leader and I can retire to just being a dog!

Since that great Cesar day - we dogs no longer fight, we go for long walks together which is great fun, then we work some for our leader and then we all get to rest together sharing affection - contented now this is a truly dog's life!

Our human now talks "dog" and so we understand her new energy and she understands us!

With our new discipline we just have the best days of our lives, human is never angry, never kicks us or tells us off, just corrects us with a calming "psssht" - hey we pack just love that sound we always behave cool when we hear that sound as it makes our human leader so darn proud of us!

So we here are a pack who live with our human as nature intended - we are dogs and I love not having to be the leader, I always felt a bit lost trying to be a human, to lead the way in their world can be dangerous to us animals!

Thank you human for watching Cesar, and keep on watching and learning as now we call get to live long lives in balance! Oh and we can "fart" too the human is not bothered!

Way to go Cesar I and mp pack mates just love you - you are our hero!

With love from Eddie a former pack leader and our human Suzie our new and much respected, loved Pack Leader - check out our human's blog all about us dogs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Boule,

I think your human should study Cesar's online rehabilitation course at - maybe it would hive him a clearer idea of what Cesar is about. Cesar doesn't train dogs, you see. He trains HUMANS and rehabilitates dogs. He understands that it is human inconsistency, anger, and fear that keeps them from being pack leaders. Okay, you don't like that term, but humans as well as dogs are pack animals. We both LIKE having a calm, relaxed leader. We both LIKE knowing for sure we'll be safe, protected, and secure. We both LIKE not having to make decisions that are "above our pay grade," so to speak. Humans have to do this all the time, and they know how stressful it can be. It's even more stressful for us dogs, because we don't understand the human world as well as humans do. It was a real relief, after having been thrown out of four different homes, to finally find a human who knows Cesar's Way and who knows how to be calm and assertive, and to have "patience, practice, and persistence."

But I can understand you not liking Cesar, Boule. If your human followed Cesar's Way, you wouldn't be able to get on the furniture unless you were invited on, you wouldn't be able to get close enough to the front door to bolt out every time it's opened - again, unless you're invited. You wouldn't be able to wander all over and sniff everything available to be sniffed if your human made you walk beside him instead of letting you pull him down the street behind you.

But what's really sad is that you hate him most because he has perfect teeth. Maybe, if you can convince your own human to brush your human to brush your teeth more often, you could have perfect teeth, too!



Anonymous said...

Dear Boule,
My name's Buddy and I am a German Wirehaired Pointer. I am a serious dog breed with a lot of gusto. My Mom rescues GWP's like myself, and brings them to live with us.

Mom's in charge doubt about it, and we all are glad of it. We're the tough German type that will run all over a wishy-washy owner. She uses this calm assertive energy you talk about, and she gets dogs that have been unruly to see it's better to follow than lead. We all love it here, cause she let's us know what to do. She is a great Mom, and sets boundaries with us like she did the kids. She has some well behaved kids too, and they're our pals.

We have had around 100 dogs here for rehabilitation, some staying a long time. But we're balanced dogs, and help them out. We were once where they are now. Cesar Millan is why we're alive, 'cause we're tough, and not many people can handle us if we get out of sorts and not enough exercise.

Mom walks us everyday, and we all love it! Try some Pepcid for the really helps.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boule,
I am a 98 pound Yellow Lab,my name is Max. I used to pull my owner all over town when she walked me. Someone told her to shorten up my leash,and put me to her side,or I walk behind her. Once in a great while I get distracted. You know try to chase that squirrel,cat bird,deer thing. My owner just gives me a side jerk,she never kicks my ribs. I have seen the tap with a heel in the hind quarter,never hurt anyone though. In the house I would rule,never lay down,rush on my bowl when fed.I would bark when I didn't get my way. All of that has changed. My owner went on to Sessions with Cesar an on line course on Cesar Millan's website. She did it,and I am a Happier Dog! It work's! I don't bark anymore,I get walked twice a day,helps a lot,have boundaries and rules in the house and I am treated like a dog instead of a human. That's what I am a Dog. My behavior problems are gone because of Cesar's way! WOW!

Love Always,

Kaelinda said...

Dear Boule:

I'm a middle aged lady now - a 9-year-old Mutt - brought into my current home when I was 18 months old - after four other homes had kicked me out because I didn't know how to behave and they didn't know how to make me want to behave. That's all changed. It changed when my current people found out about Cesar Millan and started following his philosophy.

Do you have something against Exercise, Discipline (rules, boundaries, and limitations), and Affection? Something against Patience, Practice, and Persistence? I got tapped in the ribs once, and while it didn't hurt me at all, I yelped in surprise. I've been poked in the shoulder too, and again, it didn't hurt. I no longer bark constantly, no longer curl my lip back when I don't get my own way, no longer jump up on people or demand to be petted or spin in circles when my human says it's time to go for a walk. I don't beg at the table, either, and I learned (using treats) to sit, stand, stay, come, wait, go away, drop it, and leave it. I do all these things now because I want to, because I know I'm doing things to please my pack leader. What you don't understand about Cesar Millan is that he would never, ever hurt a dog. He tells everyone all the time that any method of training is okay as long as it doesn't hurt the dog. What more do you want? Frankly, I don't think you watched very many Dog Whisperer shows, or you would know that Cesar doesn't hurt the dogs in any way. Sometimes he hurts the feelings of the owners, but he never means to do that. He just wants them to see that it is THEIR energy that is causing misbehavior, NOT the dog's.

Boule, you should ask your human to let you watch Cesar with him when and if he ever watches it. You'll learn a lot, too!



Anonymous said...

Dear Boule-

You sound like a delightful pup, but I'm glad I can respond to you from behind a computer because, you see, I'm a fearful aggressive dog myself. Now, I'm not necessarily mean and try to kill other dogs, but when dogs come up to me to say hi by sniffing my butt, I get scared and may turn and snap at them, maybe even lunging at them or chasing them and running them into the ground. I don't hurt them, but I'm so scared they will hurt me, I try to scare them away first, then I feel in charge!

But, guess what? This does not make friends very quickly! My mom read Cesar's Way (Cesar's first book) about 2 years ago and since then, I have become so much more relaxed around other dogs! My first 3 years my mom didn't know what to do. She tried to comfort me when I was scared, she laughed it off if I got scared of another dog who was just sayin' hi, she tried verbally correcting me, but still I got worse and worse. After reading Cesar's book, she realized she needed to become my pack leader so that I would trust her to protect me and tell me how to act in these situations.

Wow, I can't believe the difference! I'm still not great with all dogs, but guess what? I've now had a number of foster brother and sisters. That's right, my mom started fostering this year because she had the confidence that she could get us to all get along. And she was right! Cesar showed her how to be calm, yet assertive, gave her the confidence to know how to correct me so I actually understood what I did wrong, and then direct me in how to live with another dog. She doesn't hit me or kick me...oh goodness, no! She would never do that! She does give me a firm touch at times to correct me if I act aggressively out of fear, but I will stop my actions automatically because that's how another dog would correct me-with a physical touch.

When I do submit, I lay down. The second I submit though and stop what I was doing wrong, it's over. We continue on like nothing had happened because I learned my lesson. I go give my mom kisses under her chin just to show how sorry I was. She smiles at me and tells me "good girl" for apologizing.

Gosh, just thinking about my mom and all she has done for me gets me choked up. I NEVER want to go back to how I lived before mom started using Cesar's philosophy. I was so scared back then and didnt' know what to do. Now, I have someone who I respect to follow, and I plan on following her the rest of my life!

Jonathan Zila said...
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Anonymous said...


My name is beau and I'm a pitbull. I was stuck at a shelter in New Jersey, because everyone was scared of me. Thankfully my owners believe in Cesar Milan and saw a hope in me.

Thanks to Cesar Milan I have a forever home, and now have a baby sister to look after. I am a happy fulfilled dog, and boy can I fart:

Jackie said...

Hey, Boule,
This is Eve. I'm a Plott Hound and the state dog of North Carolina,though you'd never have known it if you'd seen me five years ago. Then, I was a skellyton with a dog suit on and I was beggin' for food or warmth or somethin' at a gas station on New Year's Eve (they tell me). That was when my moms Jackie & Nicky saw me and decided they couldn't leave me, even though they already had a passle of cats and were staying with a lady who had cats and dogs until they (my moms) could move into their new house.

Jackie and Nicky, I think they're sisters or somethin', started watchin' this guy Cesar who doesn't actually whisper to dogs, but he does connect with 'em. Now I'm part of a pack -- my moms are the pack leaders, and then there's me and the cats. Yes, cats. Ummm...I have a pack of cats, including one that I know is really my puppy even though he wears a cat suit. It's because of this Cesar fella that I feel at home and secure with all them cats, even with the big long haired bully that Jackie dotes on and who thinks he's the pack leader. (He's delusional.)

Anyways, I'm sorry you think that Cesar is mean to dogs. He's not. If you really watch what he's doing, he's not hurtin' anyone. But all I can really say is that his way of doing things helped my people give me a good life -- even if I have to share it with cats -- and I think I kinda like them if you promise you won't tell anyone.