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21 June - Historical Events and Special Celebrations

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21st June, longest day and shortest night, make the best of both!

First of all Nomanda would like to thank all our new readers! We have been getting more and more of you every day and we really appreciate you! If you are enjoying Nomanda’s blog please pass it on to your friends. And if you would like to make a comment or get your own special mention on your own special day just send us the details through the comments section and we’ll make sure we don’t forget you! Nomanda’s Happy Special Day blog is a celebration of events and anniversaries that have touched our lives. If today is your special day join us in looking at a few other events that have occurred on your day. Enjoy!

It’s Fathers’ Day today so go out and get your old man something to let him know just how much you love and appreciate him!

Despite the failure of his first store within a year F W Woolworth had another go and opened his second store on this day in 1879 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and this one was a success! Woolworth’s was the first store to put goods on open display so the customer could handle and buy items without the intervention of a shop assistant. Good idea that, I bet it catches on! Despite growing to be one of the largest retail stores in the world increased competition has forced the American stores into a sports goods speciality chain, now called Footlocker Inc.Woolies” customers across the pond still benefit from the stores’ traditional massive range of goods on sale.Sadly the UK chain of “Woolies” became one of the first High Street names to go to the wall in the current recession!

Someone with a better idea of what the future holds, Zager and Evans, released their record “In the Year 2525” on this day in 1969. Well, we don’t have to wait too much longer to see whether they got it right!

It was a Whammy of a concert on this day in 1975 when Elton John, the Eagles and the Beach Boys all played to a packed house at Wembley Stadium. Nomanda would have loved a ticket to that one!

A little more sedate, but nevertheless a big hit, it was on this day in 1978 that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rice’s musical “Evita” premiered in London. So let’s not cry for Argentina but put “Another suitcase in another Hall”.

Two of the English Cricket team’s stalwarts, Ian Botham and Allan Lamb were putting their sports bags away on this day in 1992 when they turned out for their last Test Cricket appearances. Their contribution to the English cricket game is almost as legendary as their contribution to the English meat industry. “Beefy” and “Lamby” continue to grace our TV screens and motivate us to eat more meat! Love them both! “Beefy” also recommends breakfast cereals without additives. It’s a tough life!

First up for birthday tributes is the French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 – 1980). Nomanda would love to give you a quick potted précis of his existential views but frankly it’s beyond me! The great man himself even got a bit confused at times. One of my favourite stories is that when he was nominated for a Nobel Prize he asked for his name to be taken off the list of candidates. It wasn’t, and he was awarded the Prize which he didn’t accept. Then a short while later he got back in touch with the award committee to say that although he didn’t want the Prize, he wouldn’t mind the money! That’s what I call thinking out of the box! The committee refused his request! Sounds fair enough to me!

Today is also the birthday of the screen goddess and sex symbol of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s the lovely Jane Russell (1921). Retired from acting she is still going strong!

Ray Davies
(1944), the singer and songwriter of the Kinks shares his birthday with Jane, as does Kathy Mattea (1959) who would have loved to sing her song “Love at the Five and Dime” at F W Woolworth’s stores!

Actresses Nicole Kidman (1967) and Juliette Lewis (1973) share this day as their birthdays too!

Our final birthday wishes today go to the guy who is second in line to the throne of England, William of Wales (1982). A good looking lad, he is working his way through the British Armed Forces having served as a Lieutenant in the Blues and Royals and as a Flying Officer training at RAF Cranwell. His call sign given by his fellow officers at Cranwell was “Billy the Fish”!

Happy Special Day to one and all!!

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or a special day today or sometime soon why not send them a nice e-card so they get it as soon as they log on! Even better, why not send this page to your friend!
Don’t know what to get for a present? Think about what your special person enjoys doing and the things they like.

For Girls, I know that flowers and chocolates are a bit cliché but nevertheless they always seem to work! Of course, if your budget stretches that far, jewellery, watches, perfume and fashion items are always appreciated!

For Boys, all boys like toys! It’s just as they get older the toys get more expensive. So gadgets and gimmicky things work. Again, if you have the budget then car accessories, sporting equipment and clothes, and man type jewellery like watches and gold chains will go down very well!

And, if all else fails, you could always send them a gift voucher and they can choose whatever they want!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event today I hope you got lots of cards and presents and that there is someone special in your life who will make this day a very happy and special day for you.

Happy celebrations to you from the Happy Special Day Blog!!

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