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5 May - Historical Events and Special Celebrations

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First of all Nomanda would like to thank all our new readers! We have been getting more and more of you every day and we really appreciate you! If you are enjoying Nomanda’s blog please pass it on to your friends. And if you would like to make a comment or get your own special mention on your own special day just send us the details through the comments section and we’ll make sure we don’t forget you!

Nomanda’s Happy Special Day blog is a celebration of events and anniversaries that have touched our lives. If today is your special day join us in looking at a few other events that have occurred on your day. Enjoy!

Ghent beats Bruges on this day in 1382. Today that would probably be a football result but on this particular day the local population of Ghent took on the army that had been laying siege to their city and beat them cold. The success of the battle has been attributed to the fact that the soldiers were all drunk following their celebrations of the previous day’s public holiday and were in no condition to do anything other than throw up! If Belgian beer was as strong then as it is now I’m not at all surprised.

A few hundred years later it was on this day in 1930 that the trail blazing aviator, Amy Johnson, took off from Croydon airport in her Gypsy Moth called “Jason” and 20 days later landed in Australia to become the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. Great flying, Amy!

The song that was to become the anthem of the “Flower Power” generation was recorded on this day in 1967 by Scott Mckenzie. The lyrics of “San Francisco” epitomised the gentle loving spirit of the times. It is still a great song.

If humping a large TV camera up mountains is your thing then you should have been part of the Japanese expedition who on this day in 1988 made the first live TV broadcast from the top of Mount Everest. You cannot knock the Japanese for not rising to a challenge!

Taking on a challenge of a different sort was William Hague who was elected leader of the Conservative Party on this day in 1997. He was in the job for 4 years and has the distinction of being the first leader of the Conservative Party not to have been Prime Minister in 80 years. That will look good on his CV! However there’s no need for alarm as he was preceded by John Major (anyone remember him?) and succeeded by a procession of no-hopers including in order of succession; Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, and in the office at present our lovely baby Davy! Where do they find them?!

Birthday celebrities today start with Karl Marx (1818 – 1883). The intellectual leader of the Communist Revolution two of the best known books written by Marx are the “Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital”. Great bedtime reading material! Despite his communist ideals he led a life of relative luxury in London. So what’s new?

Coming more up to date today is the birthday of Tammy Wynette (1942 – 1998); the First Lady of country music, whose “Stand by Your Man” is probably her best known song. This very song was later to be used against her husband (the current president of the US at the time) by none other than the lovely Hilary Clinton. Nice one, Hilary!

Our final birthday wishes today go to the great comedian and later traveller, Michael Palin (1943). Bringing his wit and humour to “Monty Python” he starred in some of their best known sketches and there’s another opportunity for the “Lumberjack” song if anyone’s interested!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Happy Special Day to one and all!!

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or a special day today or sometime soon why not send them a nice e-card so they get it as soon as they log on! Even better, why not send this page to your friend!
Don’t know what to get for a present? Think about what your special person enjoys doing and the things they like.

For Girls, I know that flowers and chocolates are a bit cliché but nevertheless they always seem to work! Of course, if your budget stretches that far, jewellery, watches, perfume and fashion items are always appreciated!

For Boys, all boys like toys! It’s just as they get older the toys get more expensive. So gadgets and gimmicky things work. Again, if you have the budget then car accessories, sporting equipment and clothes, and man type jewellery like watches and gold chains will go down very well!

And, if all else fails, you could always send them a gift voucher and they can choose whatever they want!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event today I hope you got lots of cards and presents and that there is someone special in your life who will make this day a very happy and special day for you.

Happy celebrations to you from the Happy Special Day Blog!!

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