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21 May - Historical Events and Special Celebrations

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First of all Nomanda would like to thank all our new readers! We have been getting more and more of you every day and we really appreciate you! If you are enjoying Nomanda’s blog please pass it on to your friends. And if you would like to make a comment or get your own special mention on your own special day just send us the details through the comments section and we’ll make sure we don’t forget you!

Nomanda’s Happy Special Day blog is a celebration of events and anniversaries that have touched our lives. If today is your special day join us in looking at a few other events that have occurred on your day. Enjoy!

With all the justifiable public outrage at the current exposure of English MP’s expenses claims from the hard pressed taxpayer perhaps we should remind ourselves that it has been going on for ever!

With his nose firmly in the trough it was on this day in 1840 that Captain William Hobson claimed British sovereignty over the whole of New Zealand. With typical colonial disregard for the Maori occupants of the Islands he just went out and declared it! Then, in an amazing stroke of good fortune, he got himself appointed Governor! He was however to get his just reward as he died a couple of years later. To pay us back the “All Blacks” have been beating England on the rugby field, with one notable exception, ever since!

The solo flying pioneers of Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart figure next in our review of today in history.

It was on this day in 1927 that Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris to become the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. Having entered the competition to be the first to cross the Atlantic solo he designed his plane, called the “Spirit of St Louis”, and tanked it up so much that it barely got off the ground. Nevertheless 33 hours after he’d cleared the trees of New York he landed in Le Bourget airfield in Paris to claim the $25,000 prize.

Not to be outdone,
Amelia Earhart became the first woman to achieve this feat in 1932 when she took off from Newfoundland and landed in Ireland on this day.

Well done to both of them!

Landing on his bottom with a bump on this day in 1966 was the popular English heavyweight boxer Henry Cooper when Cassius Clay knocked him down in the fifth round of their world title fight. Having been saved by the bell at the end of the round the referee stopped the fight in the next round because of the damage and bleeding to Cooper’s eye. After the end of his boxing career the lovable Henry went on to make a good job of promoting men’s aftershave on the box. Bit of a brute, our Henry! “Splash it all over” was his catchphrase.

Despite the Empire Striking Back, that premiered on this day in 1980,
David Bowie took it all in his stride and celebrated it with his #1 single “Let’s Dance” on this day in 1983. Cool Dude!

Our first birthday wishes go to one of Nomanda’s friends, David! Don’t worry, David, we’re not going to disclose just how many you’ve had, but we know that this is a “biggie” and it’s the highest number you’ve had so far and the first number is a 6!

Other celebrities sharing this day with David as their birthday start with Elizabeth Fry (1780 – 1845). This Quaker minister and prison reformer dedicated her life to the poor. She was admired in her work by Queen Victoria who granted her several audiences and sponsored her causes.

Next up for birthday honours is Fats Waller (1904 – 1943) the renowned jazz pianist, and song composer. “Ain’t Misbehavin” is one of his best known works.

Our final birthday wishes go to “Mr T”, the actor from the “A – Team”. He is just as well known for his attitude as for his gold jewellery! He wears nearly as much as our David!

Happy Special Day to one and all!!

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or a special day today or sometime soon why not send them a nice e-card so they get it as soon as they log on! Even better, why not send this page to your friend!
Don’t know what to get for a present? Think about what your special person enjoys doing and the things they like.

For Girls, I know that flowers and chocolates are a bit cliché but nevertheless they always seem to work! Of course, if your budget stretches that far, jewellery, watches, perfume and fashion items are always appreciated!

For Boys, all boys like toys! It’s just as they get older the toys get more expensive. So gadgets and gimmicky things work. Again, if you have the budget then car accessories, sporting equipment and clothes, and man type jewellery like watches and gold chains will go down very well!

And, if all else fails, you could always send them a gift voucher and they can choose whatever they want!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event today I hope you got lots of cards and presents and that there is someone special in your life who will make this day a very happy and special day for you.

Happy celebrations to you from the Happy Special Day Blog!!

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