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9 January - Historical Events and Special Celebrations

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Nomanda’s Happy Special Day blog is a celebration of events and anniversaries that have touched our lives. If today is your special day join us in looking at a few other events that have occurred on your day. Enjoy!

William Pitt the Younger had a lot to answer for as it was under his government that income tax was first introduced to the great British public on this day in 1799. It was introduced to help finance the Napoleonic wars and even in those days they got the sums wrong by a serious margin. Pitt thought it would raise £10 million and in the event it raised just £6 million! I tell you what; we would settle for the rates back then, just 0.02 pence in the pound on incomes over £60 and soaring up to 2/- shillings in the pound on incomes over £200. And this of course was in “old money” before decimalisation!

Don’t you just love those adverts from the Inland Revenue that tell you “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing!” OK then what is it? They’d take the skin off your back!

The all black and white TV series “Rawhide” premiered on this day in 1959 and if you’d so far had the good fortune to miss all the episodes Nomanda is about to put that matter right with this clip!
You’ll love it, and as Clint Eastwood was in it, it wasn’t all bad!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re left out of things? Well you’re in good company because that’s exactly what John Lennon thought and even made a song about it released on this day in 1984 “Nobody Told Me”.

Now I guess that all our readers expect that Nomanda is bang up to date with all the modern hi-tech stuff like the Apple iPhone that was introduced to the expectant world on this day in 2007. Nothing could be further from the truth! I only bought a computer because my abacus broke down just after I discovered that I couldn’t get any more ribbons for my typewriter!

The lovely Lancashire lass Gracie Fields (1898 – 1979) is our first birthday celebrity today. Born over a fish and chip shop she never forgot her roots although she did have to dye them from time to time! “Wish her Luck as You Wave her Goodbye”.

Sharing the same day for their birthday is the lovely English actress Susannah York (1941) and Joan Baez (1941). Let’s hear Joan’s “Diamonds and Rust”. Great stuff!

Happy Special Day to one and all!!

If you know someone who is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or a special day today or sometime soon why not send them a nice e-card so they get it as soon as they log on! Even better, why not send this page to your friend!
Don’t know what to get for a present? Think about what your special person enjoys doing and the things they like.

For Girls, I know that flowers and chocolates are a bit cliché but nevertheless they always seem to work! Of course, if your budget stretches that far, jewellery, watches, perfume and fashion items are always appreciated!

For Boys, all boys like toys! It’s just as they get older the toys get more expensive. So gadgets and gimmicky things work. Again, if you have the budget then car accessories, sporting equipment and clothes, and man type jewellery like watches and gold chains will go down very well!

And, if all else fails, you could always send them a gift voucher and they can choose whatever they want!

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event today I hope you got lots of cards and presents and that there is someone special in your life who will make this day a very happy and special day for you.

Happy celebrations to you from the Happy Special Day Blog!!

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